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GetFIT Class Schedule (5)
Let's Get to WORK!
Our GetFit workouts are exactly what they sound like. Workouts based on having you SWEAT, defining your muscles and getting you FIT!

During these high-intensity full body workouts, you will be utilizing various equipment, with your own body weight to help you burn fat, gain lean muscle and build your cardiovascular fitness.

It will be circuit based focusing on the large muscle groups and compound movements. Each station will have a desired number of reps or time for you to achieve with rest intervals between each station. There will be lots of core based functional movements to make your everyday life easier and get you feeling good about yourself!!!

We pride ourselves on giving our customers the absolute best when it comes to fitness and health. We will push you to your limits and make sure you walk out feeling STRONG.

Stop on in and join the movement! You will not regret it!!

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