Pre-Season MiniCamp

A 6-week clinic that is focused on transition and playing in settled situations. This clinic is designed to put players in these situations so they can become comfortable and make the appropriate play.


They will learn when and where to carry the ball, how to move and generate space off ball, and what “sets” they should be in based on the numbers they have playing offense.


On the flip side, we teach the proper spacing and shape for defensemen, how to defend with fewer guys, when and where is a good time to be aggressive or conservative, and understanding how rotations work.


The IQ and skills gained from this clinic are crucial in taking your game to the next level; understanding how to play unsettled/6v6 gives yourself and your team a true advantage.

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Days / Dates:

Thursdays -
January 31st
February 7th
February 14th
February 21st
February 28th
March 7th


4:30 - 6:00 PM

Age Groups:

4th to 7th grades*
*players will be separated into groups based on age & skill level