Increase your strength and turn

your body into a calorie-burning machine

hours after the workout is over!

Included in 1 month membership of Semi-Private Group Training:

  • A Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to evaluate starting fitness level
  • An individual program designed specifically for your fitness goals
  • A tailored nutrition plan designed for your goals
  • Eight instructional coaching sessions per month (2x per week)
  • Unlimited access to our circuit-based fitness classes (See Class Schedule here)
  • Mad Dog T-shirt
  • Free Massage voucher (masseuse located inside our facility)

SIGN UP NOW (18+ years of age)

A Semi-Private Training package is a great way to receive the motivation and support of a group while receiving a heavy dose of focused and intense coaching and skill development. Groups do not exceed 3 people.

This training is focused on building functional strength and lean muscle mass, as well as boosting metabolism for the long term. These intensive coaching sessions are built around specific sets and repetition schemes for every exercise. Clients will go at their own pace while still using weights that are challenging. Most importantly, we value safety in our fitness program. Performing exercises properly is important to make the most out of your fitness goals.

Our trainers will keep you training more frequently, challenging your abilities, targeting the appropriate muscle groups, and getting you strength-building, calorie-burning results you want out of each session.