The success you have during the regular season comes

from the time, effort and preparation you put in during the off-season.

Our 12 week “Spring Strength” program is a customized training plan for athletes with the intent on developing the strength, power and work capacity needed to prepare for summer camp and preseason.

Starting Monday, March 4th

Sessions held Mondays and Thursdays from 7 - 8 PM at Mad Dog Sports Center.
Registration is open to 7th - 12th Graders.




EMAIL bcooper@maddogsportscenter.com
for more information

Our innovative and progressive approach to program design allows us to develop young athletes from the ground up in a way that drives them to go above and beyond their potential.  Our coach’s attention to detail and purposeful training methods provide a safe environment in regards to lifting technique and the understanding of how each lift transfers to “game speed”. We hold young athletes accountable for the work they put in and reward them when their effort and progress is recognized. We utilize proven methods and techniques to improve power, improve stability, decrease the risk of injury and build the confidence and comradery that is vital for all team sports.

You can invite your teammates or friends to train together or we can place you in a group that works best for you. Here at Mad Dog, we treat our athletes like family and we take pride in watching them develop and grow throughout their athletic career as well as become successful adults.